61e848ac9bc8e85fe4b6b554e6c7af51Veteran entrepreneur and master networker Stephen G. Barr with the personal mission to assist emerging technology start ups from conception through IPO, merger or sale by serving, guiding, advising and governing their advisory & director’s boards on a fee and equity based consulting basis with a focus on current best practices, ethics and prudent leadership principles.

Services Include but not Limited to:

* Board Formation and Staffing
* Mission Development
* Seed, Bridge and A Round Funding Acquisition
* Board Administration & Governance
* Investor Relations & Reporting
* Procedural Implementation
* External Reporting and Compliance
* Media and Public Relations
* IPO, Merger or Sale Negotiations
* Personal Career Guidance & Mentorship for C-Level Executives
* Expert Market Study and Business plan preparation, review and evaluations.
* Intensive due diligence and vetting of startup for incubators, accelerators & venture capitalists.
* Interim CEO & COO services.

Founded, built and ran multiple corporations in the <$1M annual revenue and 1-5 employees on bootstrap seed capital.

Founder & CEO of American Residential Appraisers, a regional real estate consulting firm acquired by the national, Fortune 500 corporation, Coldwell Banker Commercial, CBC in 1996.

Actively seeking compensated board appointments on the Advisory Boards of emerging technology start ups, NPO's, progressive political PACs, fine arts and ecological lobby groups and open to other market segments as well. Pro Bono appointments considered for those initiatives closest to Mr. Barr's personal moral imperatives.

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